How did we arrive at Globalism in all of a sudden has all the bearings of tribal and right wing propaganda in support of their continued denial on climate change and anti-immigration stand. It also bears the trademark of the rich against renewable energy in protection of their fossil fuel addiction.

That paints a new face for the old stand on protectionism, xenophobe and climate change deniers. They call it Globalism!

The issues of universal standards include climate change, refugees, equality and diversity. It is universal because all the above issues are shared by different nations irrespective of their cultures or status.

The common stand in Universalism is responsibility. The fact that Capitalism has failed to prompt the social consequences of mass production and overused of resources requiring a coordinated effort to support victims of climate change, war and economic refugees as well as attempting to save our world.

The air, sea and soil have all come to urgent demands as the social consequences are accumulating to unmanageable status. Something has to be done for the sake of our humanity.

A gathering of like nations including New Zealand and France share similar values was emerging to establish a likely consensus on global responsibilities but posed a threat to tribal and right wing nationalists. And it appears that Universalism is a real threat to their climate change denials and immigrant phobia. Clearly, the so-called threat is a selfish stand and denial of responsibility.

They have renamed Universalism Globalism and responsibility as an ideology. And they say Globalism is where countries should share foreign policy and economic on a global basis. Countries do away with borders and tariffs to allow free flow of labour, goods and services. The motivation behind the ideology aims at a successful organisation of a new world order.

Well, if you look closer in the definition of Globalism, it reflects the belief of those who exploit and waste more resources to the detriment of climate change, as well as protectionists who put up walls and tariffs. Their phobic stand on immigration and sovereign claim gives it away.

Frankly, you can laugh at how silly Globalism claims to be. It is probably written by a graduate follower of Brexit and Trumps in North America with the help of a corporate oil company.

Instead, Global Organisation or Globalisation is a naturally developed and established process brought about by international trade network also closely knitted by technology. Universalism looks at social obligation to provide a safety net for victims of Capitalism. And if there is something right wing ideologies are lacking, it is social responsibility or obligation to their material consequences.

If you recall the unsinkable Titanic and how the rich sailed to safety while the poor were left to drown, in here it seems the poor are making all the right noises to save capitalists among Globalists. Their propaganda is working when those in need of responsible changes are brainwashed.

I have before this claim that bridges to Equality and Diversity have burned to ground. The Globalism claim may be partly true in here because those who push for Equality and Diversity standards seem to push for changes affecting local social structures. And in here, local tribal nationalists point the finger at the global basis instead.

So when the same people in like nations are leading the Universal responsibility to Capitalism that tribal oppositions are quick to smear Universalism with the fear of Globalism. In other words, the liberal ideology driving social issues of Equality and Diversity is contaminating the best efforts to counter the social consequences.

I know, it's not exactly defined in the Globalism meaning, but you can read between the lines and add two and two together. I know the real struggle is between popular opinions and conservative sentiments including tribalism. It is the never ending struggle between Modernity and Tradition.

Here we have popular opinions who favour social issues of Equality and Diversity on the left and Tribal rule of Tradition on the right. The popular opinions favour the younger vote on gender while Tribal Tradition, the older. Now, the popular opinions is following a trend and not necessarily informed at the same time the Tribal vote is also a popular idea framed to capture the mood of the moment. The older and rich ones are more crafty than the uninformed younger ones.

And the above is what Globalism is all about. Since the popular opinion is not informed and may sway for a popular following, some of the young votes are not quite sure of what they're doing so they follow anyway. Meantime, the Globalism propaganda is raking it all up.

And this is the undoing of the younger vote who are swayed by popular opinions. They have the number to change outcomes, but they don't have the brain power to follow it through. And in here I stand to be proven wrong!

Globalisation is naturally derived from local economic development. Universalism is a shared value in this case of social responsibility. Universalism has emerged from like nations because those mostly responsible for environmental pollution are not.

This debate is forcing important development on a standstill. At the same time, climate change and environmental pollution do not wait as fossil fuel continue to pollute the environment.

One thing is revealed that the young vote cannot be trusted when uninformed voters follow a popular trend for the sake of been counted.