There is no doubt the economy depends upon the availability of a consumer population. More precisely, the availability of a consumer population generates economic growth. Consequently, the rich gets most of the generated wealth while consumers get very little if any to keep their families.

And there the very purpose of growth is extracting wealth from the poor to the rich. It was once called Reformation in benefit cuts and inflation; then there was Restructure where thousands of workers were made redundant as an economic policy.

Such proposals as the CGT would avail some funds towards children living in Poverty. But instead of CGT, landlords among capitalists continue to pass down capital expenses to tenants and their families. For example, the letting fee is removed from prospective tenants but agents have announced they would charge the landlord. The landlord in turn has promised to pass the cost back to the tenant.

It is a clear proof of how the rich has taken the workers among consumers for granted. Not even a democratic government in place can change this social expectation.

The fact that profit and economic outcomes are generated by consumers; therefore the rich really need many consumers to generate more wealth. However, the door to immigration is shut and fewer consumers means lower rate of growth the same time the rich expect more tax-free money.

See where we are heading with this?

First, economic growth is merely developed to prop up funds to sustain the lifestyle of the rich. Economic growth is not for everybody when during boom times, the workers among consumers were not only homeless but some have work two or three jobs trying to make ends meet.

Growth is associated with depression for the workers. The cost of living is raised as work opportunities are few. In fact, some corporate companies make unemployment a profitable policy.

The last government had a rock star economy boomed for the private sector, the same time workers and their families struggled to make ends meet.

Second, even with a low population rate and thus fewer outcomes, the rich still expect more income than before. It's really living beyond their means. And you know what that means? The cost of living is raised as benefits are cut. This is where social relations of the economy are extremely aggressive in voicing the frustrations of the ruling class. At the same time, the social consequences are boosted to world record levels.

And there you have it. It is hard labour making the extra effort for example; if your pay rate is $17 an hour, you have to work over 60 hours a week just to pay the rent btw is now $400-$600 weekly for a one bedroom in Wellington, Your wages cannot sustain your family and living in a three bedroom house. That is why Kiwibuild is a Kiwisaver!

That's not all, it has been a tradition of right wing parties to neglect social responsibility and infrastructure upgrade; the incoming government would take the whole term trying to catch up. But it really takes a few years for developments to kick off.

So if there is a change of government after the first term, developments would be rolled back taking us to the conditions we once were in the previous government. And reformation then is reliving the era of 'Freemarket and the Mother of All Budgets'. This spooks of family break ups and homeless children, some of whom in their adult years still haven't returned home.

So for a change of government at the lowest ebb takes us back to the beginning of social depression where the private sector enjoyed the boom of housing and inflation at the expenses of homeless workers and their families.

Last election I had voted for Bill because he was the only right wing politician with a social conscience, others were linear materialists. Bill had more votes but Peters had other ideas. Thank goodness for Adern who came in at the right time. You know nature is really working in favour of the people.

We have been stagnated behind the trajectories of a vicious cycle, yet the echoing waves are oblivious to the desires of greed, a bit like a phenomenon.

The same sensual logic critics use to respond to Climate change. They are once again trying to silence and tarnish the democratic right to protest; the only other way to draw attention to social issues confronting future generations.

But here in the face of reality, we are experiencing increasing bush fires, storms, tornadoes and tsunamis; yet the critics demand science a proof. They need science to tell us that we are actually living in reality of bush fires, storms, droughts and earthquakes.

They claim Global Warming is natural; the heat from the sun and rain cycle will return to normal. Actually, the normal cycle is accelerated by human action such as fossil fuel burning, radioactive waste and methane discharge from human rubbish and disposal. Without the human contribution to Global Warming and Climate Change, the natural cycle would still be warm and cold but not extreme enough to destroy life on earth, at least not at this rate.

In the face of evidence, critics are demanding proof; the same logic of greed addiction as economic growth. Low wages and high cost of living, the worker is caught in a vicious cycle.